Between my face and my finger

Episode 19 January 31, 2018 01:26:03
Between my face and my finger
You don't look like a runner
Between my face and my finger

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Jon Hickman

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Hello and welcome to You Don’t Look Like a Runner—an avant garde podcast, making unusual editing decisions and challenging your expectations of what this series is all about. This is part two of an epic new year chat which started in episode 18. This week Jon goes round the houses and Nick regrets not making a purchase. We discuss lightbulbs, voice assistants and Greggs (the baker). Nick is desperate to go to bed, Jon is not, and we spend a long time talking about the OnePlus 5T. ## A word from our sponsor Thanks to our podcasting host [Podiant]( for supporting _You Don’t Look Like a Runner_. Start your own show today with 25% off podcast hosting for three months. Just go to and use the offer code “RUNNER” for 25% off your first three months of podcast hosting. ## Show notes * [VTech KidiZoom Duo Camera]( * [Hive Smart Lighting Products | Hive Home]( * [Does Apple now make too many products? |]( * [iPhone SE]( aka “The Great North Run of Phones”, reviewed on The Verge * [OnePlus 5T review: polished to a T - The Verge]( * Android Pay promotion: [Visa Tap & Win]( * [Greggs]( * [Bear - Notes for iPhone, iPad and Mac]( * [The all-new Things. Your to-do list for Mac & iOS]( * [Amazon is planning to end support for its online MP3 locker - The Verge]( * [Why I hate your iPhone hot takes. Thread:

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