Mark it zero, Jonny

Episode 3 July 25, 2017 00:56:31
Mark it zero, Jonny
You don't look like a runner
Mark it zero, Jonny

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Jon Hickman

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## We have had listener feedback! * Jenny says she gets what we’re doing but it’s not really for her. She also told us about the ITV documentary _[Trouble in Poundland]( _ and the fauxblerone—[Poundland’s own brand Brexit Toblerone]( * Steve tweeted us to recommend _What I Talk About When I Talk About Running_ by Haruki Marukami; “it helped me think about running in a new way”, he told us. Nick and Jon have committed to reading it soon and dedicating some airtime to chatting through it. Why not [buy a copy]( now so you can join in (it’s also available on Audible, so you can think about it while running). * The book about running Matthew Inman (of _The Oatmeal_ ) is called _[The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances]( * This is what [Jon did on his stag do](—but did he finish it? * Ben says [_Wild_ by Cheryl Strayed]( is a way better book about the PCT than the terrible book Nick has been reading ( _[The Last Englishman]( , see [episode 2]( Ben knows books well—he runs a [newsletter]( for reading recommendations and it’s really nice to get each month. * Nick and Jon have been [arguing about who loves High Fidelity the most]( * Nick recommends _Accidental Billionaires_ on Audible (or [as a book]( * If you have any feedback for us please tweet us @[runnerpod]( or email [email protected] ## Jon’s marathon training Jon is now on week 12 of a [16 week plan](, that means the marathon is 4 weeks from Sunday and he’s about to hit the tail end of training. Here’s what’s happened since last time: * The second 15 miler in week 11 was nice * The big 18 Miler in week 10 was less so. Perhaps that was down to [poor preparation]( * Jon’s been swimming again—but is 750m in 30 minutes any good? * Treadmills are the worst This week is mostly shorter runs, nothing over an hour, a mix of speed and easy, then a suggested half marathon race or a lonely 13 miler… but what is the point of the 10 minute run on Saturday? ## Nick’s friends are better than yours Nick’s controversially been on holiday. He’s also: * Taken up skateboarding with hilarious results. * Run to and from the gym. It’s a thing. * Potentially the weakest link in a circle of really talented friends. This is his [mate’s photography website]( That guy can whittle pens out of old skateboards ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ Here’s a link to [the interview between Aziz Ansari and Fisher Stevens](®ion=FixedLeft&pgtype=article) where they discuss Fisher blacking up to play an Indian scientist in the _Short Circuit_ movies. And that's us for another episode. Thanks to [Podiant](—professional-grade podcast hosting at a price you choose—for supporting You Don't Look Like a Runner. You can find us on [Apple Podcasts](, [Stitcher](, [Pocket Casts]( and [Overcast]( or anywhere you like to get podcasts. Please do subscribe and leave us some reviews. It’s a huge help and it’s nice to know that you care. We are online at []( where you can look through old episodes, read show notes and also Jon is trying to blog there too. Comments, questions and thoughts please tweet us @[runnerpod]( or you can email us [email protected] Nick tweets @[ngmoreton]( and Jon is @[jonhickman](

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